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I had such high hopes for this Easter holidays; we were going to play in the garden, plant seeds, garden, water and sand play, walk to the beach through the parks and generally enjoy the glorious sunshine that has been typical during April for the past few years.

And it's raining. A lot.

I don't know why I'm so surprised, the well known term is April showers after all. Sat on the M4 for several hours more than was necessary on bank holiday Monday, with the windscreen wipers on full and the demister creating a mini-sauna, I started to come up with some ideas for the next week and a half.

  • Indoor dens: I've waited a long time for The Boy to be old enough to appreciate a good solid den. I used to make them with the dining table, chairs in a long line for crawling through as a tunnel, create another tent between the sofa and the radiator and I'd be set 'til tea-time when the family of six suddenly needed to eat. Damn rude that they needed the table cloth and chairs I think. Unfortunately our dining table has cross over legs at the base (Swedish designers didn't think that one through!) and so I might have to rig up something using a clothes horse and the piano.
  • Craft: We're still working our way through the bargains that I bought in the Baker Ross Christmas sale, and the main things we have left are human body sponges for painting. Mix and match arms, legs, heads and bodies, plus facial features. I think I might tape down a big roll of paper on the kitchen floor and The Boy can go mad with some paint.
  • Soft-play: When hell freezes over. Forget it until April 23rd.
  • Taking the children to the cinema: Yes I have one child, I know this. However, this happens every holiday when my mum ends up looking after my niece and nephew too, she gets a little tired and I usually step forward to help out in some way. After all three children and two adults is far more friendly than the alternative. I reckon The Boy could sit through an animated movie, especially if we picked one of those screenings that was family friendly (not so dark, chatter allowed, etc).
  • Doing a rain-dance: We might just don wellies and raincoats and go splashing in puddles. Because at the end of the day, when you have a two year old, you can let your inner child out every so often!

What activities are you up to this holiday?

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  1. says

    Rain Dances are tempting but at the moment all Z wants to do is run around constantly. I can't wait till he's old enough to take to the pictures or make dens. My brothers and I used to destroy our front room with sheets and pillows all over the place!

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