Meal Planning Monday #5

I only had one blip last week, on Thursday evening after a long day at work at the end of a long half-term I sent Mr. TBaM to the chippy, my heart was not in making something from scratch!

This week's meal planner is obviously reduced due to the Easter weekend.

  • Sunday: free for Easter festivities.
  • Monday: travelling back from west Wales so I'll be needing something easy.
  • Tuesday: fajitas, an easy way to get the veggies in to our diet. It can be a healthy option if I don't cover everything in dips and cheese!
  • Wednesday: vegetable and cheese pasties, and salad. When I was off on maternity leave, I made pasties all the time, they were such a frugal and relatively healthy (low-fat butter and thin pastry) option for dinner. I'm trying to pinch the pennies for various reasons and need to make a big batch of these.
  • Thursday: vegetable stirfry. Can you try I'm trying to get more veggies into our diet?
  • Friday: pasta and salad.
  • Saturday: Chinese. I made a batch of deep-fried tofu the other week and it lasted for a few meals. I'll be making some more. I've just learnt some nonsense that crispy seaweed is not seaweed? I refuse to believe it, I felt I was getting in touch with my Welsh side and appreciating laverbread.

I need to use the next fortnight off work to batch cook some meals for the freezer, money-saving and far healthier.

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  1. says

    Crispy seaweed isn't seaweed? Is it just some glorified iceberg lettuce type thing? Noooo!! I make pasties in batch and then freeze them. It's really quick to then just shove in the oven!

  2. says

    Batch cooking is definitely the way forward. All my meals (except for the beans on toast LOL!) come from the freezer so all I need is breakfast and lunch stuff from Sainsburys. I have been contemplating pasties…. I think i would need to use ready made pastry though – too lazy!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Now we had some from a Chinese recently that had sugar on it and it was horrid. I prefer salt on mine 🙂

  3. Emma says

    I love doing a big batch of homemade pasties as well- great to pop in the freezer for busy days. Lindsay Bareham's 'Pasties' book has some brilliant ideas for fillings, if you don't already have it.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I think it makes me feel like a 1950s housewife! I just need the floral pinny and I'm done. I'm vegetarian, so feel a little limited to veggies and cheese. If you do have any other ideas, I'd love to try them!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I went to comment on yours, but you don't have name/url option enabled. I was going to say:
      "Those meals sound gorgeous, even though I am veggie. Love the sound of Friday's curry."

      • Emma says

        Oops! Think I've sorted that now. Sorry- not very technical! If you are veggie, there are two nice veggie pasties I've made from the Lindsey Bareham book- Ploughman's and Spiced Chickpeas. Will try to do a post with them on soon x

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