Warburton's Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day and that's why I find it so difficult to comprehend why my son is not better at eating his breakfast. He hasn't eaten in a full twelve hours beforehand and yet getting anything more than a half a bowl of cereal into him is an uphill struggle which, until the kettle has boiled and the first coffee been consumed, we are ill-equipped to deal with. Surely he's more hungry than he appears to be?

He turns his nose up at toast, a jam sandwich is left to go stale with just a few small sparrow-sized pecks out of it. I don't think that seven spoonfuls of ready brek is enough to keep him going until lunchtime.

That's why I was more than happy to receive samples of Warburton's new breakfast line through for review. Warburton's have introduced the most gorgeous range of brioches; rolls (butter and chocolate chip), loaves and swirls.

This is the brioche loaf (hot buttered) and the brioche swirl

Without exception, I have never seen The Boy eat breakfast better than he has the last few days. He's eating his cereal first and then having a brioche half an hour later, and wolfing it down!

Luckily he's sticking to the chocolate chip brioche rolls and loaf, which is just as well as it means I get to have the scrumptious and moist brioche swirls which have a fine layer of custard in them. Definitely moreish!

I was sent these products for the purpose of the review. My opinion is honest and unbiased, and based on the fact that I've had to buy more of these because The Boy is now eating breakfast!

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  1. says

    oh you are lucky!
    Breakfast is probably the meal in the day that Jack would happily eat all day…if he's at home it usually consists of 3 or 4 courses! He would love the Brioche loaf….and of course I would too!

  2. twopointfourchildren says

    Buster has gone off breakfast too but we can't try these with his allergies. MrR would love them to start his day!

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