Crafty Corner: Easter Cards

Last week I went into school on the Wednesday intending to teach my Wednesday morning Year One class R.E. and ended up making Easter cards with them; a change that I was all too happy to make. I'm much happier helping the five and six year olds make cards for their mummies and daddies than waffling on about the role of authority figures.

This is what we ended up making together, all I did for them was the springs which the eggs were mounted on.

I loved the simplicity of the cards and how much of it was done by the children, so I decided to adapt the idea to make Easter cards with The Boy.

I cut out some small egg shapes, grabbed a handful of cotton buds, some paint and sponges, coloured sticky strips and off we went.

The Boy coped really well with using the cotton buds to dot the paint on and absolutely loved the sponges (chicken and sheep) to dab the paint on. In fact he got carried away and sponge printed all over the table.

And that's when it descended into chaos. You see The Boy doesn't like getting messy and I decided to use a little sensory play and painting without brushes (inspired by The Nurture Store) to try and cure him of it.

Look at that face in the last picture, butter wouldn't melt!

Oh and the cards?

They turned out ok didn't they?

I'm linking this up to the fabulous Kids Art Explorers on The Nurture Store, pop over and check out the other link-ups.


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  1. Jennypaulin says

    They are really good! Your friends and family will be chuffed to bits with them and it will be worth all the hard work and time (and mess) that has gone into making them x

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