Mint Chocolate Birthday Cake

Today was Mr. TheBoyandMe's birthday. 37. He's getting old now but refuses to admit that he is now in his late 30s.

I digress.

We decided to make him a birthday cake, and as The Boy has an obsession with chocolate cake (thanks Peppa Pig) and that Mr. TBaM's favourite flavour is mint chocolate, I decided to have a go at making a mint chocolate cake.

I used the basic Mrs. Beeton's Victoria Sandwich recipe of 5oz butter/self-raising flour/caster sugar and 3 eggs, and added two sachets of mint flavoured drinking chocolate to the mix. I also added a teaspoon of baking powder as my sponge cakes don't tend to rise very much. (It still didn't, but I'm now beginning to wonder if that's more about my oven than anything else.

We made the cake yesterday and then wrapped it in tin foil once cooled.

Then this morning while hubby was sleeping soundly (because I am a good wife and Mr. TBaM never seems to get lie-ins anymore, so I let him), The Boy and I did the filling and topping. We made a form of buttercream using unsalted butter, icing sugar and chocolate philadelphia (which is yummy). However, in hindsight I needed to add more icing sugar because it was a little too fluid.

Once that was spread on and the cake had been put in the fridge for it to set a little, I melted down chocolate to put on the top. We smoothed this around roughly and then sprinkled over a variety of toppings, including; crushed mint Aero, chocolate flake and white chocolate stars.

The finished cake was incredibly yummy, although very difficult to cut due to rock solid chocolate on the top and slippy buttercream filling! But Mr. TheBoyandMe was happy!

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  1. says

    Looks yummy!! Glad Mr TBAM liked his birthday cake, certainly looks like the boy had great fun licking the spoon! :0)
    Does your oven have a non fan setting? If so, use that for cakes. Cakes don't rise well in fan ovens, the outside cooks too quick and it prevents the cake from rising x

      • says

        If it doesn't have a non fan setting try baking them with the oven turned down a little and for longer, I usually do them at around 170. And either way, keep using the baking powder, it should help x

  2. says

    Looks lovely.
    The raising may have been affected by using drinking chocolate – this will have milk powder and more sugar so will have affected the overall quantities of the ingredients.

  3. says

    This looks and sounds amazing! Mr TBaM is a very lucky man! I would never have thought of a mint chocolate cake before, but I love mint choc so I will def be trying this at some point! x

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