Monday 12th March 2012 – 'Shopping' (72/366)

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  1. says

    awwww what a smashing smile and what fab mini me trollies!! Burton would LOVE to push one of those around – he is always saying "me can do it mummy" with the normal ones!! x

  2. says

    these things should be banned from supermarkets, its bad enough steering round the old dears who have their weekly meeting slap bang in the middle of the aisles but if you have to start looking out for toddlers as well……

      • says

        I dont actually mind kids in shops, its the idle gossipers standing around that do my head in, but I always fear for a little one getting hurt with one of these, but I am a bah humbug 😉 I hate shopping with a passion

  3. Alli Marshall says

    He looks very happy to be helping Mummy – I wonder how long it is before he discovers the "magic" of running with the trolley & lifting his feet off the ground.

    I must admit I still do this now & I should know better at my age 🙂

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