Sunday 11th March 2012 – 'Slide' (71/366)

As much as I love this shot for the carefree laugh on his face, I'm so cross with myself as this isn't the shot I was going to use. I stood there for half an hour taking shot after shot after shot, waiting to get the one dead-centre of the frame. I was just e-mailing it across from my phone and I accidentally pressed 'delete' not 'send'!

I actually wonder whether this is better because I like the promise of him sliding down all the way to the bottom of the frame. What do you think?

Update: hubby managed to retrieve the deleted image using specialist software, this is a far better shot anyway!

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  1. says

    well it's a gorgeous shot. I do sympathise, both about the taking a million pictures to try and get the right one, and about deleting – have done the very same thing myself today! Grrrr.

  2. says

    As you said love the 'potential' in this – the glee at the start of a journey. I also deleted something today (not a photo – a part of a film) – we all do it from time to time.

  3. says

    I think this is a great shot, love the fact he's at the top of the slide you can almost hear him say 'wheeeeee!' as he slides down!

  4. Alli Marshall says

    Love this shot!
    We have pictures of our 3 eldest doing this that are framed & hang at the bottom of our stairs – it captures a moment of carefree childhood.

  5. says

    That would have made me so mad too, deleting the pic I spent ages taking. I think this one is fab though, the reflection, the colour blocks and the anticipation of him woooshing down the slide make it great.

  6. says

    It is a lovely photo, but I have deleted a few photos by mistake on my phone so I completely understand your frustration. Sometimes it is the photos that are less 'staged' that are the best though!

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