Going to the Oscars

Until I recently received two super movie packages for our enjoyment, I hadn't realised just how many great films had been made by Warner Brothers. Obviously they are a major player in the film industry and have been since the early days of the great studios, but when the movies are dominated by animated spectaculars, it is reassuring to know that there are still brilliant films being produced by these giants of the silver screen.

Last week after the film extravanganza of the year, I received a themed package from Warner Brothers celebrating some of their successes at the Oscars.


Inside this glitzy box were four Warner Brothers classics from the past and present, none of which I've seen, all of which I've wanted to:

  • Gone With The Wind: this special five-disc collector's edition celebrates an amazing seventy years since Rhett told Scarlett that 'quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn' after the most tumultuous period romance in cinematic history. This DVD pack contains the remastered film spread over two discs, a disc about the making and restoring of the legendary film, a disc about the cast and a bonus disc with various documentaries.
  • An American In Paris: A classic from Gene Kelly and directed by Vincente Minelli (Liza's father), this tells the story of an ex-GI's long-standing love affair with the French capital and a new one with a perfume-shop clerk. This is Gene Kelly at his best; swirling, romancing, prancing and singing his heart out. Little wonder it won six Academy Awards!
  • Doctor Zhivago: Omar Sheriff is swoonsome in this film telling the tale of 'Russia divided by war, and hearts torn by love.' With epic stories and even larger scenery, this winner of five Oscars is another must for all fans of classic cinematography.
  • The Blind Side: I wanted to watch this film when it was out in the cinema, but The Boy was just a tiddler and sleep was the only thing on my mind. Sandra Bullock finally won an Oscar for her portrayal of the mum who adopts a homeless teen, helping him to become an American football star. I love Sandra Bullock and she rarely does wrong ith her films, in this film she proved her pulling power as she became the only actress to date to have a film marketed with only her name above the title which then passed the $200 million mark in domestic gross. The only issue I have is that surely she's not old enough to start with the mum roles yet?

Mr. TheBoyandMe and I will be enjoying these over the next week or two, and I may even let him share the chocolate mini-Oscar lollipops.

I was sent this package for the purpose of this post. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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