Review: YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt

I remember trying frozen yoghurt for the first time about ten years ago. I was completely and utterly unimpressed with it, thinking it sour and bitter, not at all like my beloved ice-cream at all. When I was recently asked if I'd like to review YooMoo I was unsure, remembering the experiences of the past, but decided to give it a go hoping that it would have become more palatable during the past decade.

YooMoo really surprised me, and in an altogether pleasant way!

There are set menu YooMoos that you can order (like the angelmoo or the devilmoo), or you can personalise your own, choosing the yoghurt flavours with a variety of toppings. The menu provides four basic flavours of the fozen yoghurt: natural, strawberry, Belgian chocolate or Madagascan vanilla. There are two other flavours or yootwists: natural and strawberry, or Belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla.

And then there's the toppings. Wow! There's a huge array of naughty and nice toppings, including: fudge chunks, chocolate chips, oreo cookies, chocolate-coated raisins; or good and healthy embellishments: banana, granola, blueberries, raspberries, mixed seeds, strawberries, pineapple, etc. I asked the supervisor about their fruit and was told that they had it delivered fresh each day and that they prepared it themselves, nice to know not all food products are sent processed from a warehouse.

We each had a regular YooMoo with two toppings and we chose the following:

Mr. TheBoyandMe had Madagascan vanilla with pineapple and chocolate-coated raisins, The Boy had BerryTwistMoo (the Moo of the month) which had strawberry and natural yoghurt with strawberries and white chocolate drops, and I had Madagascan vanilla with fudge chunks and Oreo cookies.

The Boy was convinced it was ice-cream and I wasn't going to tell him any different because for all intents and purposes it tasted so similar. Smooth and creamy, the addition of the vanilla flavouring really helps to nullify the sourness that I have always associated with frozen yoghurt. The portions were huge, and the next time we have one (because there will be a next time), we will go for a small portion with probably just one topping because the toppings are very generous, the presentation of which is almost artistic they are so neatly arranged!

Or they were before The Boy started devouring them!

The YooMoo frozen yoghurts are virtually fat free, 0.2g typically, and obviously the toppings that you choose determine whether they are healthy or not. Clearly fudge and Oreo cookies is not the healthiest of toppings, but I hope you understand it was purely for market research purposes.

The YooMoos that we had would have cost £4.10 each (regular with two toppings) with prices ranging from £2.30 for a small one with no toppings, to £5.30 with three toppings. Now I'm not a defeatist, especially when it comes to food (particularly fudge!) but I couldn't manage it all. We will have them again but we'll have a small with one topping in future. And better still, they've started stocking them in supermarkets which means I can buy them in the monthly shop as a far healthier alternative to ice-cream.

I was provided with three vouchers in order to review this product. My opinions are honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    I love frozen yogurt and know yooMoo very well. Sod the toppings, I say, just buy the big tubs to have in the fridge and it is the healthiest of a 'treat' that you can have. Yum!
    Which supermarkets are they stocked at? i'd love to know as I have to drive to my local Yoo Moo shop to buy the tubs.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't know which supermarkets yet, I could ask the PR though. Off to Sainsbury's in the morning so will let you know if they have it there.


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