The Boy Wears…

Here comes a truth: when it comes to children's clothing I'm a little bit of a snob. I'm particular in what The Boy wears, or more importantly, what he doesn't wear.

I don't like dressing my son in bright and loud colours and I don't like mini-men clothing. He is two years old and I'd like him to look like the child that he is. I am not in a rush to age him prematurely and dress him in shirts, waistcoats and ties, just so he can look like a smaller version of an adult male: he's two! I also dislike character clothing. I refuse to allow my child to be a walking advert for the latest popular television show, he may as well wear a sandwich board with the television channel and a time written on it.

When he was under 24 months old, finding clothes that fitted this bill was relatively easy. The high-street stores and online shops were full of sweet, baby-blue and soft-coffee coloured clothes that allowed him to look stylish but cute and babylike at the same time. Then all of a sudden he turned two years old and he had to wear faded and 'aged' denim, bright colours (which don't suit him) and be older than his delicate years.

Luckily, one of my favourite stores for buying baby clothes has maintained the same classic styles in their little boy ranges that are indicative of their general ethos. But then you can't go wrong with fashion influenced by the French. Vertbaudet (the children's division of La Redoute) is where I bought many of his dungarees, jumpers and cardigans when he was a baby…

Classic navy and white pinstriped dungarees with sensible poppers on the inside, I was devastated when he outgrew them.

Now, however, I can buy clothes like this for him instead…

Which is just as cute and will look much better than having his stomach emblazoned with a pig, train or sports car.

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  1. twopointfourchildren says

    I love dungarees but newly trained they don't work for us. I used to buy a lot of verbaudet clothes but haven't for at least a year. Are there nice bits this season?

  2. says

    you think it's hard for boys and I agree, but what about toddler girls clothes that not only are pink and feature all sort of characters, but also have stretch in them? why would I want my toddler running around in a stretchy t-shirt? Hasn't she got a lifetime to 'flash' her assets and restrain her comfort? it is puzzling, really.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I hadn't thought of that. I just see the rows and rows of girls clothes that swamp the boys, usually twice, if not three times the amount. However, I guess if you take out the crappy items, then there's the same amount?

  3. says

    I'm with you in loving Vertbaudet. We lived for three years in the Channel Islands, and I kitted Brodie out in their stuff because they were one of the few mail order companies that delivered to Jersey. But I also loved the chic French style.

  4. wendy stanger says

    Now I'm the complete opposite I love my lad in bright colours & he has a huge collection of character Tshirts that he loves – though I do love Vertbaudet too

  5. says

    You are SO right! Although V does wear bright colours (mostly because we live in a tropical country), and he does have animals and things on his clothes, I absolutely refuse to buy him anything with *actual* characters on them. I figure that once he's older he'll know exactly what he wants and then I'll have no choice. I love that he still wears rompers, but the taller he gets, the sillier they look on him!

  6. says

    I love verbaudet stuff. It's very good quality and love the little quirks like the elbow patches, stripes and double collar stuff. There is a serious lack of cute boy stuff around!

  7. Alli Marshall says

    The selection of clothing available for boys is so much better now than it was 12/13 years ago when all clothes for boys were navy or brown!

    I like all my children to dress appropriately for their age which for the boys is simple – jeans & tshirts rule! Sadly the same cannot be said for girls – I refuse to buy some of the items in the shops for Emilie as they are NOT appropriate for a 9 year old.

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