Review: Kettler's Balance Bike

When The Boy was offered the chance to review the Kettler Speedy Blue balance bike several months ago we jumped at the chance. He was growing in confidence with his physical awareness and development, and had shown that he was bored with his trike.

A balance bike is an ingenious invention that works to develop toddlers and pre-schoolers awareness of bike-riding skills without having to deal with the issue of pedalling as well as steering. Working on the principal that stabilisers actually hinder children's bike-riding skills (because they have a false sense of security due to three, maybe four, wheels being on the ground at any one time) balance bikes work by encouraging children to develop their awareness of balance in order to progress straight onto normal bikes. The fact that it looks just like a normal bike apart from not having pedals and a chain helps children to progress more naturally.

The Kettler Speedy Blue balance bike is available in both a pretty blue and pink finish. We had the blue finish. The Speedy Blue balance bike has a sturdy, quality frame with a scratch resistant polyester coating, adjustable seat (35-43cm), resin wheels with rubber tread, brake and safety handles with foam protector. It's 93cm long and 58cm high, and weighs 5kg. It's suitable for children aged two years and over.

The Boy was two years four months when it was delivered, but we weren't able to get out and about and it test it for a little while because the weather was so foul. Then a few weeks ago, when the sun was shining and the air was crisp we took it for a test ride around a local park.

Luckily daddy had brought the adjustment spanner so that we could lower the seat right down for The Boy's diddy legs, and once adjusted he quickly got the hang of it. I think at first that he thought it was more difficult than it actually was; all he has to do is walk with it between his legs and steer. When children become more confident then they can scoot along very easily holding their legs up for longer and longer. The good thing about the Kettler is that the crossbar is wide enough for little ones to rest their feet on once they've started scooting and balancing.

Once he'd managed to adjust to the weight of the bike, he was quite happy pushing himself along on it. I like the theory behind balance bikes, they are a much more sensible idea than stabilisers. I have seen a ridiculous amount of children on their bikes with both stabilisers touching the floor. In cases like this, the children are riding little more than a quad-bike.

Kettler Speedy Blue Balance Bike is available forĀ£35.99 direct from Kettler.

We were sent this product for the purpose of the review. Opinions are honest and unbiased.

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