Preserving Memories

Seven years ago, a family member had a housefire. She had to leave the property quickly, and she was only able to grab her handbag on the way out the door. She stood in the street, next to her boyfriend, and watched the evidence of their life together go up in smoke. Ever since then when she lost all her possessions, including every photo, I've been pretty meticulous on backing up our photos (every month or two) onto a portable hard-drive which we keep by the front door in case we need to grab it in an emergency.

However, this habit has resulted in something quite sad happening; I never seem to print out my photos anymore. I have thousands and thousands of photos, yet only a handful that I can actually physically touch. I therefore made a conscious decision last year to start displaying my photographs more. And I don't have to have them in frames on every wall, there are a variety of ways I've used our photos: jigsaws, snow globes, placemats, photobooks and my school diary.

I'm not the only person who's noticed that people aren't printing out their photos, Bonusprint have as well. Which is why they are campaigning to 'free' the photos from our computers and into our 'real-life'. Bonusprint's Print Them To Preserve Them campaign aims to ensure that we are enjoying our photos everyday without having to resort to turning on the computer. They have an honestly impressive range of products, many of which are practical and useful, and you can take all those special digital photos and transform them into photo books or gifts in minutes. I have, and it is an incredibly easy to use website.

Now here's to the exciting news for the participants of the Project 366 linky. For the next two weeks (Sunday 4th March and Sunday 11th March), Bonusprint are going to be viewing the entries and will choose three winners each week. The prize for these winners is a personalised iPhone 4 cover.

Pretty isn't it?

Don't worry! If you don't own an iPhone 4 then Bonusprint will provide a £20 voucher instead.

This competition is open to people who take part in the Project 366 (or Project 52) linky, and will require a tweet and a 'like' on Bonusprint's Facebook page. Not exactly onerous though, is it?

So quick recap: link up to the Project 366 linky for the next two weeks and you could be one of (in total) six lucky people to win a personalised iPhone 4 cover (or £20 voucher).

At the moment, Bonusprint have 20% of all Mothers' Day products, but hurry they need to be order by 11th March 2012 so you are able to give them to your mums on the 18th!

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  1. says

    for my 50th birthday my daughter sat and sat and sat and scanned all the pics of mine over the many years and saved them all on discs, so we all have a copy in case of fire. nice prize, thanks.
    are they picking on any criteria/quality or ones that appeal or just random do you know?

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