Money, Money, Money

Starting a family was a huge shock to the system. Obviously not the whole baby part, my growing stomach, constant heartburn and lack of lung capacity were a fairly good indication of that.

The part that sent resounding shock waves through our little household was the impact to our finances; one month we were bringing in two comfortable salaries and not really worrying about monthly expenditure, the next month I was on half salary and we were beginning to tighten our metaphorical belts.

I launched into full-on money-saving mode, drawing on the skills of my mum exhibited in my childhood. I made pasties, lots of pasties. I’m a bit of a dab hand at making a few root vegetables, a small block of cheese and some shortcrust pasty stretch to accommodate a fair few meals during the month!

Other money-saving tactics involved walking as much as possible to cut down on petrol used, not going out as many times a month, cutting right back on take-aways to one treat a month, and re-evaluating our subscriptions and energy deals. As my husband is not such an expert with a rolling pin, and walking forty-five minutes to work every day wasn’t feasible, he was in charge of tackling the subscriptions. Out the window went the movie packages, we changed providers for broadband and telephone deals, and we reassessed the electricity prices that we were paying.

As we are beginning to contemplate the possibility of having another addition to the family, I think it’s time we started to reassess the finances again.

Now, where’s my apron?

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