Weekend Activity: First Weekend of Spring

Saturday morning beckoned, bright and sunny. It was a refreshing change to the grey drudgery of the past week and so, after a slow start to the day, we headed down to Cardiff Bay Barrage to get some fresh air and blow the argumentative cobwebs away.

The Boy is becoming so confident on his scooter, it's fabulous to see. I just need to get daddy to have more confidence; he rushes over everytime he stumbles or crashes, whereas I'm the one who is standing back and saying "stand up then, brush your hands down!" to The Boy. It's hard work, but maybe it's the teacher in me, he'll cry if he's hurt himself and he's got a helmet on to protect his head. It's working too, so those parents who smirk at it can bugger off!

While on the barrage I managed to take these two photos, which I'm quite proud of. There's a lot of interesting angles and lines down there: the whole barrage is a real work of art. In the right hand picture, the 1950s style hut is actually a bright pink, but it didn't come out properly so I desaturated it.

And so to Sunday: I declare the 2012 season of sandcastle building well and truly open!

We built sandcastles, we went paddling in the sea (in our wellies), we played football, we ate sausage and chips on the beach (I had cheese and chips), we scooted along Barry Island promenade and we had a Mr. Creemy ice-cream. It was a balmy 15°C; madness for a Sunday in February!

When we came home, we decided to get a head start on planting some seeds we'd been sent.

I have a feeling that The Boy is going to love gardening this year.

I'm linking this up to Country Kids

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  1. says

    makes a pleasant change after last winter, looks like lot of fun was had. warmer than some summer sundays we get. I fully agree with the helmet, and the get up and brush yourself down stance as well.

  2. says

    what a wonderful weekend and some lovely photos taken by you. it makes such a difference once some sunshine appears and warms things up doesnt it? i like your black and white photo – the lines are fab
    and i love the photos of the boy busy planting – such concentration x

  3. says

    It's lovely to see photos of him enjoying the outdoors, I am so glad winter is coming to an end! I am with you in terms of the getting up and brushing their hands off after falling over, much better than making them think they should be upset.

  4. Studentbumtosupermum says

    Oh what a beautiful weekend and you have filled me with positivity and enthusiasm for spring! a lovely piece of work with your fabulous pictures too! I have jotted down seed planting will be getting my two year old to do some this week she will love it. What a beautiful place you live in with a beach nearby

  5. says

    What a lovely read and a perfect family weekend. I always feel we have stolen something extra when we have a mild sunny weekend like this in February. Great you managed to make the most of it with those sandy beaches so close to home. Thank you for linking up.

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