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A year ago, the marvellous Michelle from Mummy From The Heart hosted a new bloggers fortnight and was supportive and kind, naming me as one of her pick of the new bloggers. Throughout the past year, Michelle has been one of my mentors for blogging, and a real shoulder to cry on and brain to pick at various times. New bloggers could do worse than following her on twitter and reading her blog.

It's the time of year again and she's hosting the New Bloggers Fortnight again, and (along with lots of other bloggers) she's asked little old me to write a guest-post for her. My theme: blogging anonymously. Pop over and find out why you won't find a photo of me, or my name, on this blog.

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    Thanks! I enjoyed reading it because your story is very much like mine. As a primary school teacher (albeit taking a break at the moment) I am loathe to have children track me down – not just for content reasons, but for my own privacy.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Michelle listed me this year – you have set the bar very high!

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    I didnt know she did a new blog promotion. That's brilliant. And scanning the list there's some other brilliant blogs that are still going strong. I know what you mean about blogging anonymously. I nearly has kittens a few weeks ago when I suspected I'd been busted by a friend. I think i got away with it, but I can imagine when you chuck school kids into the equation it becomes even more complicated!

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