Gosh: Click 'n' Conceal (Review & Competition)

I often look at my mum's face and wonder how as the age of 68 she has minimal wrinkles? But then I realise that the cursed combination skin (and tendency to be on the overweight side) that we share means that we don't tend to not wrinkle or sag. However, since going back to work after The Boy I have developed shadows. Deep and dark, purple shadows. And no amount of foundation can help me; I'm not sure anything ever will!

That was until about a month ago when I discovered that on Buyapowa they had a deal on Touche Γ‰clat which saw me buying a tube of it for Β£13! I'm not sure that I'll find another deal like that in the future before I run out, and so I've been using is sparingly. However my shadows are beginning to creep through the wonder-cover-up and so I need to find an alternative.

Which is just as well that last week I was asked to review this new concealer from GOSH which works along the similar theory. Click 'n' Conceal is a new moisturising, buildable concealer that helps to eliminate shadows and imperfections, leaving a clear and even finish. I've never quite understood what it means when they say that they contain 'light reflecting properties', imagining my bags to be covered in hundreds of tiny mirrors! However, whatever they are, it's got them in it too! Available in three shades, and an anti-redness concealer, it's suitable for most skin-tones.

And so, because I like to do things properly and show how it works, I've done something unheard of on this blog: I've photographed myself for you! Admittedly it's only my eye, but it's a start.

Looking at the pictures, there is a definite improvement using the concealers under my eyes; I look less zombie-like and more human. I used the 'light' shade as I am pale and pasty have a porcelain complexion and, although it had a slight yellow tint to it, it did look natural and blend in well with my foundation and powder. My biggest concern when I look at those pictures is how bloodshot my eyes are; I need some sleep!

At only Β£6.99 per tube and therefore nearly a quarter of the price of the YSL version, the GOSH Click 'n' Conceal is going to become an essential part of my make-up routine at an affordable price.

Available at Superdrug


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  1. says

    Mascara, with eyeliner a close second. Oh, but what about lipgloss? Honestly you'd think I wore loads, I don't really wear make up that often now I'm at home with Bud through the day but I need these three, at least, to consider myself made up.

  2. Tracey Berry says

    If nothing else it just has to be mascara – with wearing glasses you need mascara to liven your eyes up but need concealer to tone down the bags, wrinkles n greyness LOL xx

  3. emma Cella says

    i have a few, but it depends on what is going on that day.
    If it's just school, i'll throw on some mascara and be on my way.
    If it's somewhere fancy, some eyeliner will do nicely along with lipgloss.
    If it's just to hang out with friends, pretty much whatever i find on my dresser:
    one day it could be just mascara, another eyeliner & mascara.

    Oh and i almost always use WHITE or glittery eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them up and make them bigger.

  4. Wila Jones says

    Well it was Touche Eclat ( have terrible dark shadows) but after reading your blog I'll be giving the Gosh one a go!

  5. Susie says

    My make up essential is Corn Silk Loose Powder..I've used it for so many years and it always gives my make up a flawless, lasting finish as it contains ground walnut shells. Don't know what I'll do if they ever stop making it!

  6. Katherine L says

    My essential item is concealer so this Gosh product really appeals to me! I've been using the same one for as long as I can remember but am not sure if it's the best one for me with so many new products out there πŸ™‚

  7. Lou Chambers says

    At the mo it's my Rimmel wake me up foundation, I hadn't been wearing foundation for years as I always found it to cloggy, but after trying this I'm converted & loving it! πŸ™‚

  8. Debbie Davis says

    I have been using a similar under eye concealer and my husband has told me I look younger. What a compliment! So, I now use it all the time (I do have dark circles under my eyes). It really has made a difference.

  9. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Lipsil, can't go anywhere without it. I have it in every room of the house and the pocket of every coat and every bag!!! Other than that I do actually go quite alot of days without make up even though I look like a hag!!!

  10. Jamie-Lee Norris says

    My essential make up item is foundation, i just cannot do without it. I have liked on facebook and tweeted @Jlnorris2010

  11. Joanne B says

    Essential make up item has to be mascara – without it my eyes are teeny πŸ™
    A very close 2nd is concealer, this sounds great cos the bags under my eyes have their own bags!

  12. tamalyn roberts says

    my tinted moisturiser, never leave home without it! i wear it constantly as it has factor 15 and helps stop my face agiing or getting burnt in the sun x

  13. Dawn Costen says

    Would have to be mascara for me too I think. Love all make up and rarely if ever go out without any on…but Mascara would be the one that is an instant pick me up for your eyes!

  14. Cheryl M says

    My essential item is lipstick. Not only does it prevent dryness, without it I look so anaemic that people offer me iron tonics.

  15. linda curtis says

    Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat AS I HAVE SUCH DARK CIRCLES UNDER my eyes , i have been using this for 10 years now , so it would be fab to try something new x

  16. Lyndsey Allison says

    normally i would say kohl eyeliner – but at the moment, with a teething 8 month old, i would chnage my mind to concealer!!

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