Fireman Sam (A Review)

I'm often on the lookout for new apps for The Boy to play, an app that is centred around a CBeebies character, or other well-known character, is always a success. I've discovered though that you need to be more direct with the iTunes search though, a broad search term either brings back a plethora of hits or nothing.

We were recently given the opportunity to review the Fireman Sam: Junior Cadet app which is designed for iPad and iPhones, which of course means it works on an iPod Touch (our chosen Apple device). Released in mid-December 2011 by P2 games, this is the first official Fireman Sam app and features a good selection of games with a special bonus virtual sticker album once they're completed.

  • HOSE PRACTICE – Learn how to use the hose with Elvis by filling buckets with water.  This activity can also be played against the clock, which provides an extra challenge! And you can accidentally soak Elvis, which is quite amusing.
  • HIDE ‘N’ SEEK – Norman is up to his old tricks and has hidden lots of objects around the fire station.  Help Fireman Sam to find them. Watch out for Norman, bonus points available for catching him.
  • LOAD JUPITER – Fireman Sam needs your help to load Jupiter.  Find the correct items by matching the shadows.  This activity can also be played as a memory game, which provides a challenge for older players.
  • SKY HIGH RESCUE – The cats have escaped and Fireman Sam needs some help catching them.  A great chance to practice rescuing skills!
  • FIRE FIGHTER – Finally: a call out to the first fire!  Use hose targeting skills to put out all the fires!  Good luck!

The Fireman Sam app on the AppStore is a really nice little find with plenty of different activities to suit children of different ages and abilities. The Boy particularly likes the Hose Practise and Hide 'n' seek activities. At £1.99, this is a good app and I'd recommend you download it for fun and logical development.

I was given a code to download this for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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