Rosie-Tinted Glasses

Five years ago I could often be heard in the shower singing the latest Keane or Kaiser Chiefs song.


Today I sang about "Raggles and Blue Bird, Big Bear and O-o-o-ak-l-e-e-y!" The last time this happened, the theme tune was in my head for weeks. I'd be driving home from work singing it! It's just one of those tunes that gets into your head and happily stays there.

And I am happy for it to stay there because it's such a lovely programme. Everything about the programme, including Rosie, is friendly, happy and attractive.

My personal favourites are Raggles and Oakley, The Boy is very fond of Big Bear and Blue Bird, and of course we both adore Rosie! I hate it when CBeebies move the programming around because it's one of those shows that we prefer not to miss, the morals and stories told in it are excellent resources to help The Boy understand how to be kind to his friends.

On 6th February, will be the first Everything's Rosie DVD release date, and we've been very lucky to have previewed the disc. Everything's Rosie: ‘The Greatest Show In The Garden And Other Stories’ has over two hours of fun, and features thirteen episodes from the show, including:

  • Raggles and the Reporter
  • The Mystery of the Four Feathers
  • How to Teach a Bear to Meet the Queen
  • Little Bear
  • How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles

and many more!

Over the past four days, there has been much television watching in this house thanks to the lovely bug we've all had. Everything's Rosie: The Greatest Show in the Garden has been a saving grace and a welcome distraction from a certain Mr. Fletcher in his various guises. A really lovely DVD for all pre-schoolers, it is available for pre-order through Amazon here (released 6th February 2012).

Keep your eyes peeled though over the next few days as I will have a competition for two of you to win a copy of this DVD!

I was sent a check-disc of the series for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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    We love the program too! And I know exactly what you mean about the cbeebies songs, I do that all the time, usually the songs from Show Me Show Me at the top of my voice!

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