Monday 30th January 2012 – 'All Gone?' (30/366)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the gastric bug we've all been plagued with since Wednesday, has finally left the house. The after-effects with The Boy haven't though, and he is completely wiped out! As a result, he managed two tablespoons of hoops and milk tonight for tea and I was very hopeful when I saw the message at the bottom. Do you think it has?

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  1. says

    Aaw bless him! Those bugs are horrendous! One of mine had gastroenteritis two years ago and it is one of the worst things I have had to deal with as a mum as he ended up in hospital on a drip! Hope you have a better week this week and great symbolic picture!

  2. Amanda @gidders1 says

    Awh….it's a great capture, that really summed up how you were feeling at the time. Sometimes the photographs just present themselves to you don't they?!

  3. says

    All Gone! Lets hope so. There's been a lot of that and chest infections and the like about lately. Roll on Summer – fed up of all the sickies we keep getting.

    Fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed that this is the last of it :o)

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