Getting Snowy With Charley

It's snowing today here in south Wales. Not proper snow you understand though. Yes, it's cold and white and fluffy, but it's the wrong side of wet to be settling, so it's just making the world look that little bit dreary today. We need to immerse ourselves in proper snow, although not literally! With The Boy having been poorly over the past few days, we need a little quiet and creative time, and I think we'll be making a snow-den and watching some Antarctic explorers this afternoon.

There's another fan of snow who has been pretending he's an explorer lately; that loveable character with the big imagination, Little Charley Bear. Antarctic Charley is a new release today (30th January) which features six episodes narrated by James Corden, someone who I think has got a brilliant voice for narration. Charley loves pretending he's building a snow-house as much as the next little one, and regardless of the time of year, he manages to dive into his imagination to play with penguins and climb snowy mountains.

It's a captivating DVD with simple and beautiful stories. At just under an hour long, it's going to be perfect to watch in the car this weekend when we head down to Bluestone for our own Winter wonderland adventure. Priced at £12.99.

For more Charley Bear fun, visit the Facebook page or the Little Charley Bear homepage.

We were sent a check-disc for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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    Didn't realise you were in South Wales; my Grandma lives there! And Bluestone this weekend? I'm sooo jealous! Anyhow video looks like fun, I know someone here who would like that I'm sure!

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