Friday 27th January 2012 – 'Sleepover' (27/366)

We're both so poorly that he has to go and sleep at my mum's. I'm a liitle bit heartbroken.

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  1. says

    is this his first ever night away? if it is, i know you will hate it but it will be good for you both and you will have down it now and will make the next time easier – honestly! I cried my eyes out the first time I left Burton and its an hours drive from my mums to home! Loooong drive home that afternoon! (hugs)
    if its not his first time then try to rest and you concentrate on getting better as he will be fine xx

  2. Twopointfourchildren says

    He will be fine and the hugs tomorrow will be so good. The first night K slept away from us she was handed over in the carpark if the casualty unit at midnight. I wasn't home for three nights as had surgery for ectopic. K was fine and it was only me that felt guilty and a bad mummy xxx
    Hoping tomorrow sees you all feeling a lot stronger. Hope you get some sleep xxx

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