Wednesday 25th January 2012 – 'Reminders(25/366)

There used to be so many of my fingerprints to see.
On furniture, on walls and things from sticky little me!
But if you stop and think a while, you see I’m growing fast,
Those fingerprints will disappear. You can’t bring back what’s past.
So here’s a small reminder, to keep not wipe away,
Of tiny fingers, how they were, to make you smile someday!

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Yep, he was trying to get nanny's attention on the porch window. Then he played with the handprints for five minutes so I snapped a few!

  1. Mum2Four says

    Brilliant picture!
    Love that poem I have a fair few of them in the loft at home with various sized hand prints on them.

  2. says

    That's so cute, and the poem is so true! I love little handprints :) And I remembered to link up on Saturday evening rather than waiting till tomorrow and being too late! Yay! x

  3. says

    Love it. My 2YO sits outside the shower when I get in and demands me to draw in the steam. I'm quite a dab hand at shower door brachiosaurus.

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