The Gallery: Photographic Resolutions

This week's brief:

I am so guilty of taking all the family photos that there will probably little documented proof I ever existed when the family looks back on our lives!

So this week's theme is: My Photography Resolution.

Because once it's in writing, you HAVE to do it, right?!

The lady's right: once it's written down then I have to do it. That's why I tend not to write to-do lists, I can't handle the pressure of seeing just how much stuff I should be doing as opposed to blogging! However, I do want to develop my range and skills in photography this year, and so I am setting myself three targets.

1. Learn how to use mobile photo editing apps

This has been a target on and off for the past year or so, but I've found it difficult to want to take photos with the iPod Touch or my HTC Desire because the quality of the cameras are shockingly awful! However, the prompt a few weeks ago has reignited my desire to conquer these beasts.

Earlier this afternoon, I was discussing with someone on twitter about the availability of the photo-editing apps for Android, and remembered about Little Photo which is actually quite nifty and offers lots of filters. These are two that I took last year:

I'm envious of the marvellous snaps on twitter from people using Instagram and have had a go at taking photos on this murky afternoon in the garden, using the filters to try and enhance the photographs. (Still awfully grainy though)

Resolution 1: Learn how to use mobile photo-editing apps, and then use them!

2. Learn how to use the manual settings on my DSLR

Both my grandfather and father were really keen photographers when they were younger (or alive in my grandad's case!) and tried to explain the mechanics of photography to me on several occasions. When I was ten, my dad bought me my first SLR, albeit second-hand and from a boot sale, and I really understood it all. Then I bought a 'point and shoot' and it all fizzled slowly out of my ear. When I met my husband, my MiL gave me her old SLR and I started up again and took some decent shots, but again it all slowly turned to mush in the light of Mr. TheBoyandMe's decent Sony Cybershot.

Then in 2004, I bought a Canon EOS 300D which I adore! And I started with good intentions, but the automatic settings are too easy to resort to. However, this afternoon I had a play with the shutter speed and came up with a slightly ok photograph, but I know that shutter speed has to be taken into account with aperture settings and oh God all manner of things which are beyond me at the moment.

Anyway, photo on the left was taken on automatic settings, one on right was manual. What do I need to do to make that less grainy?

Resolution 2: Learn how to use the manual settings on my DSLR

3. Be in more photos

This is one that I can't control and is therefore more of a prod to Mr. TBaM who reads this blog. He never takes photos, despite having a very good camera that I bought him for Christmas to replace the very good one that had died a month before. It's me that takes the photos, and as a result I'm not in the vast majority of the photos taken since The Boy's birth. And it saddens me.

So, Mr. TBaM stop letting this happen…

…and take some photos please?

Resolution 3: Be in more photos

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  1. says

    I'm never in photos either! I love how you got around this one!!

    what was your ISO set to in the manual photo? one way to try and get in the right kind of area on manual is to take a photo in auto then go into the screen and see what settings the camera picked, go into manual and replicate and then tweak! I would change your ISO to 400 if the light isn't great, change your WB to cloudy and give the photo either a larger aperature or longer time so more light can get in- but That might all be rubbish of course as I always forget to practice!

    I haven't got a post ready yet again for the gallery and need to start being organised.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Oh my God, you really know what you're talking about! Right, I'll remember that and give it a go. I might well be picking your brains big time when it comes to improving my photography.

  2. says

    great goals you have set yourself there. at least you use a proper camera – one of my resolutions was to start using my proper camera this year but i still haven't re charged the battery!
    you take fabulous photos now so i wouldn't worry too much about special effects – but of course you will not because you have just blogged about it for us all to see 🙂
    great last photo x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      If it's there then I have to do it! Although saying that, I've just looked at my summer resolutions and I only met two of them: potty training The Boy and can't remember the other. Still haven't sorted out the second bedroom.

  3. says

    Your photos are great 🙂
    I'm doing the Day Zero Project and 2 of my challenges are to buy a new camera and learn the basics of photography.
    I'm saving up to buy my first DSLR and trawling through Google trying to decide which book will help me get the most out of my new camera!

  4. says

    Your resolutions are very similar to mine except with the first one, I would love to invest in a decent camera but it won't be for a while. Luckily my phone has a half decent camera and it is always with me and as you said there are so many brilliant editing apps that it makes the whole process so easy! And like you and many other mums I need to be in more photos! We need to start a club!

  5. says

    I know what you mean about apps for pics. I'm dabbled with Snapseed after I got it free in itunes 12 days of Christmas promotion. Not sure I really understand it though, but I have created some nice effects by pure chance. I downloaded Instagram some weeks ago and have done nothing with it.

  6. says

    Now I can just see the top of your head I can tell it is you. Great resolutions and playing around with phone apps is so much fun! x

    I have no idea about manual options, I always fear that if I change something I will never get it back to what I started with.

  7. Kelloggsville says

    Oh I need need need to turn off 'auto' too, but it's about time isn't it. Time and practise. I guess it's time to practise.

  8. says

    I'm guilty of using my auto all the time but I have such unsteady hands that if I don't my photos look quite blurry indeed! A great collection of shots! Your mobile ones are really impressive!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I think that my hands are too unsteady for manual shots nowadays too. Might hand to invest in a little tripod and use the timer button? Thanks for the comments on my playing with mobile shots.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Only because I gave myself time to do the post in the afternoon while he slept, rather than rushing it at midnight on Tuesday night! Thanks lovely.


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