My List Of Things To Do Before I'm 40!

Recently, I read this post from Two Point Four Children about the things that she wanted to do before she turns forty. It rang a chord with me and (despite commenting to someone earlier that I don't do goal lists or to-do lists) it made me question what I would like to do by the time I hit the big 4-0 in six years time.

When I was 25 I set some targets that were unfair on myself and didn't allow for the return home and almost starting my career again. Therefore, these targets are going to be (mostly) small and realistic, achievable and attainable. And there may be some ridiculous ones in there:

So I'll get the biggy out the way first and then carry on more sensibly:

  1. Have another child
  2. Train myself to go to bed by 11pm
  3. Train The Boy not to wake up before 7am
  4. Lay the floor in the porch (it's been concrete since it was built in April last year!) (March 2012)
  5. Finally get rid of all the rubbish in the attic
  6. Get my dad or husband to finish glazing the greenhouse with perspex not glass
  7. Lose the weight I've gained over past ten years and get down to the weight I was when we married
  8. Redecorate the kitchen
  9. Read that stack of books (that's growing) in my bedroom
  10. Sort out the second bedroom so it's not a dumping ground and is actually a bedroom
  11. Grow vegetables in the garden
  12. Learnt how to use the manual settings on my DSLR (Getting there, November 2012)
  13. Developed a healthy and successful relationship with the ironing pile
  14. Pay off my car loan
  15. Pay off other loans
  16. Learn to be tidy and not slovenly
  17. Start piano lessons (we already have a piano)
  18. Read Pride and Prejudice
  19. Go to see Father Christmas in Lapland
  20. Learn how to ride a bike (shut up you at the back who's laughing!) or at least manage to pedal it for further than 100 yards without falling off or crashing.

The original post had forty items listed and I'm not sure if that was related to the age set, but I need to be realistic because I'm rubbish at fulfilling objectives. I'll update this list as and when I achieve them!

I'm going to tag the following people to write a list of things to do before they hit their next decade (not just forty). They then need to copy the url of their post back into the linky tool on Two Point Four Children's post.

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  5. Mummy Central
  6. Not My Year Off
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  10. HonieBuk
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  1. says

    What a brill list, I love Pride and Prejudice. I would never have read it though if we didn't do it at college. You usually only see bucket lists around which I find a teeny bit depressing. Thanks for the tag, will get onto it in the morning!

  2. says

    thanks for the tag but I'm gonna have to sit this one out……there is no way that I'm even thinking about being 50!!! jeeez it makes me want to weep!!

  3. says

    One way to deal with your ironing pile is to learn how to reduce the amount of ironing you do! Seriously, life is too short to spend it ironing, find other ways!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I do need to weigh up what I should and shouldn't iron: towels for example. But then ironing them makes them so soft! If I had a tumble dryer, life would be different!

  4. says

    hmmm i tried to compile a list of 100 things to do before i die and i could only think of 27!!! hopefully 2o will be more realistic. this is what i meant abut a SPSC theme – goals rather than NYR's.
    anyway, more alarming than the bike riding is that you have never read Pride & Prejudice!!! its one of my favourite books.
    out of all of them – i really want number 1 to happen for you xx

  5. twopointfourchildren says

    thanks so much! my list wasn't related to age it just happened to be 40 things that I came up with:-)
    I love your list and good luck with cycling and reading pride and prejudice I love readng but the classics end up boring me!
    As for ironing my way of sorting that is for MrR to do it.
    Good luck with the first one if you need anyone to talk to about how a second or third birth can be totally different give me a shout. xx

  6. says

    What a great – and imaginative list. Apologies for having a snigger at the fact you can't ride a bike, but a little advice – don't even think about it now. The last thing the country needs is a 40 year-old learner cyclist wending causing road rage in the streets! But do learn the piano. I can play guitar and it is so therapeutic.
    I'm not sure I can summon up the creative energy to imagine my next decade. I struggle thinking about what I want to achieve next week, let alone in two years time when I'm 50 – aaaaaaaaargh!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Ok, I'm glad I can cross the bike-riding off.

      Don't be such a bah humbug: you only have to do ten! Or even one: video me ironing a shirt in 27 seconds for 'Me'

  7. says

    I've only got about 18 months until I'm 40 – aaaarrrrrgh! And you're making me think about it even more now!
    You've put a lot of stuff on yours that sounds like hard work to me.
    My advice would be just to do numbers 1, 3, 17 and 19.

  8. says

    That is a good list and lots that I would want to achieve now. As far as the cycling is concerned I am not any good at all! I failed my cycle proficiency first time and i am not convinced I could ride a bike now…not that I actually want to! Sorting the attic is a big must do for us!


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