Where Has He Gone?

So today has been the first time that The Boy has been looked after by anyone other me, Mr. TheBoyandMe or my mother. It has been a monumental moment for me, not so much for anyone else, or it seems, for The Boy. Today, he started in playgroup.

Last night I dreamt that people were trying to take him from me, that they were trying to prove that I was unfit to be his mum. I slept fitfully as a result. Luckily, The Boy chose last night to have terrible teething pain and as a result he ended up in bed with us, so I was able to hold him and reassure myself that he wasn't going anywhere.

We've led up to this point by reading him a personalised 'Peppa Pig & The Boy start at playgroup' book, and last night he argued with daddy that he didn't want to build blocks in playgroup (like the him in the book) but that he wanted to paint. Result! This morning I explained to him that he would be staying there and playing with Little Miss Chatty (his friend) while I did shopping. I showed him his bag and explained that he needed to ask the ladies if he needed the loo.

I don't know why I was worried. He confidently strode into playgroup, looked around for Little Miss Chatty (who wasn't there yet) and started playing with the easel. I told him I was going shopping, kissed him and was kicked out politely by the nursery nurses.

I went shopping. I sat in Starbucks for twenty minutes. I checked my phone every thirty seconds. I came home and wrote a blog-post. I rushed out the door and raced into the building to pick him up. The Boy, was helping the ladies to stack the chairs and move them. When he saw me, he ran across the hall with the biggest smile on his face and leapt into my arms. We had an enormous cuddle while they reassured me that he'd only cried when his bike wobbled, he'd asked to go to toilet and had been a good boy who'd had a marvellous time.

When did this boy…

…become this one?

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    Oh a real life boy! Bless him, it is hard to let go isn't it. I was like the all over agin last week with the twins. They do need pre-school and it teaches them so much. I am so pleased he settled in well. 🙂

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    awww look at him with is handiwork! so happy for you (and him) that it went so well. i told Jon that he was going today and he told me i should send Burton! *gulps* but i am not ready! i feel a blog post coming soon!
    you must be even more proud of him – and of yourself xx

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    Ah, it must have been so difficult for you. We're thinking of it for Bud when he turns 2 as we have a good playgroup near us. I do think they need it but it doesn't make it any easier to leave them. So pleased he had a lovely time.

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    Well done. That's the hardest bit done. Sounds like you both did really well and you have prepared him so well for taking his first steps in the world.
    Everyone who has been through it knows just how you feel. It still feels odd to go past Molly's school when she's there and I want to g in and see her. For them it's just one big adventure though.

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    I remember the first time my sister gave me a whole day off, by 3pm I was sitting in a coffee shop missing DD and wondering if it was too early to go home yet. Now I love it when she's at nursery. Enjoy your free time!

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    Well done him and well done you! G goes to a creche for a couple of hours, but it is not easy to "let them go". since she is going she thrives on playing with the 3 yr old so I am delighted that I did it. hope the boy keeps having fun there x

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    It's such a huge step, more so for you than for him. I am a Nursery Teacher and it's so lovely to see the difference in the children and the parents over the course of the year. They learn so much from each other at this age and the mum's and dad's get some long awaited time to themselves. You've obviously done a great job with him given that he hasn't been looked after by many different people but that he was still secure enough to be left in unfamiliar surroundings so that's great. x

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    So glad he got on well bless him. It's such a big step, although probably bigger for us, I think they often take it in their stride. I've been really stressing about this step lately even though it's probably not happening until September for Leo but I'm worried about the language barrier for him. You've done a great job so far for him to have got on so well if its the first time he's been in unfamiliar suroundings.

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    I met my blogging partner Elizabeth when we both ended up on the committee of our local playgroup. Brodie and Milly loved it, and we've since had our second children Blake and Mac in there together too. Mac has moved on, but Blake and I are still regulars at playgroup. He goes two mornings a week AS WELL AS nursery every afternoon. It builds his confidence and independence, and gives me time to work/blog/hoover the living room/etc.
    So glad The Boy has enjoyed his first session. You'll get used to it, and hopefully start to relax x

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