ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Should Have Done Better

So Christmas time?

A time of love and laughter and joy ever after, ours for the tak… sorry, I went all Cliff then.

But seriously, while it was a fabulous time to spend with our families and for us it was the best Christmas ever, cor blimey missus, no-one read the blogs! I mean, did no-one else feel the need to look themselves away in the loo with their iPod Touches/phones, wi-fi connection and just read a few blog posts here and there?

I can't believe it was just me; I saw you all on twitter!

This is your opportunity to link up the posts which didn't do very well for no reason other than people were eating Turkey and cheese. (And a miraculous birth may have had something to do with it!). The posts don't have to be just from the past month, they can be any time in your blog's life.

ShowOff ShowCase


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  1. says

    I was at my parents and only had my mobile so not easy to access. Posting was ok because I had scheduled a couple of things but I didn't get chance to read or comment on anything. I may have given the computer a warm hug when I returned. Alright I fell to my knees sobbing with glee to be reunited and promised to never leave again. Hmmmm… I may have a slight addiction.

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