Two Top Titles (Book Review)

The Boy is developing in his taste for reading material and we're starting to stray away from board books into the realms of paper books. Which is excellent because we've just been sent two new titles from the fabulous Top That! Publishing.

'Time For Dinner' by June Morley

As with all Top That! books that I've come across, the illustrations by Marina Le Ray are as enticing as the spider's web adorning the cover of this book. Time for Dinner is a comical tale of a riot of animals who are a little bit hungry leading up to dinner time, with the pecking order defining who might end up on the menu!

This humorous book tells the tale of a spider who tries to persuade a fly to rest in his web while he trots off for a nap, a bird who tells the spider that it's ok to rest in his nest, and so on. The clever twist at the end of tale makes it a pleasure to read time and time again without being boring for little one. There is plenty to look at in the vibrant illustrations and the pages are thick, quality paper making it ideal for pre-schoolers.

'Time for Dinner' is available for £5.99

'Only Nooglebooglers Glow In The Dark' by James McKnight

'Farmer McDoogle has a very unusual farm. On his farm he doesn't keep chickens, cows or pigs. On his farm he keeps monsters!' And one of these breeds of monsters is called the Noogleboogler. The Nooglebooglers are special because when they eat difflebug leaves, they glow in the dark!

Aimed at slightly older children than The Boy, this clever, fantastical story introduces you to the wonders of life on Farmer McDoogle's farm and the special 'talents' of all the different animals that live there. The scene is set for the annual party in the barn when suddenly there is a powercut and Diggle (the farmhand) has a cunning idea to save the day.

With humour and all the necessary ickiness associated with monsters that pre-schoolers love, along with beautiful illustrations by the award winning Mark Chambers, this is another winning title by Top That! This book is also part of a growing series of titles about life on McDoogle's Monster Farm.

'Only NoogleBooglers Glow In The Dark' is available for £5.99

Both titles are currently available for the reduced price of £5.39!

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