The Froobles

A little while ago I reviewed two new books from a series called 'The Froobles'. The Froobles are fruity people who come to life when the playgroup people go out for playtime, and inhabit the wonderful worlds that the children have made in their pictures. All of the books tell stories which teach children how to behave kindly to others through showing how negative behaviour isn't kind or friendly.

Now The Froobles books are available for your Apple product with downloads available for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads through the App Store on iTunes. Two of these titles (Apps Apple and the Tooth Fairy, and Ozzy Onion and the Noisy Dinosaurs) can be downloaded for free for a limited time only, while some of the other new enhanced audio ebooks with celebrity narration can be downloaded for a discounted price at £1.49, with the others costing the full price of £2.49.

What's more is that The Froobles are also available through their very own App which is free to download! It comes with the story of Little Jack Potato and his big surprise with additional stories available to purchase and download.

With interactive stories and puzzles, it's a great treat for your Reception aged children addressing issues which they may come across on a daily basis, and can teach them the nice way to behave to gain and keep friends.

I downloaded these Apps of my own volition to test and review.

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