Our Best Christmas Ever!

It occurred to me that I haven't blogged about our Christmas Day yet. It's not going to be of interest to many, but is to me.

Normally, Mr. TheBoyandMe gets up first with The Boy and gives him breakfast as this is part of his time with him. However, Christmas Day is special so while The Boy and I played with the iPod and books in our bedroom, Mr. TBAm showered and dressed. Then he took him downstairs for yoghurt while I showered and dressed. I pegged it downstairs and we sat and ate yummy pastries while opening our stockings, all three of them from Father Christmas. The Boy was fascinated that the big man himself had indeed eaten most of the mince pie, but there was disapproval in his voice when he discovered that not all the milk had gone!

Traditional presents in his stocking

Following this, and having had the titbits to keep us going until our proper cooked breakfast, we went into the dining room and his face was a complete picture when he saw the tree and all the presents!

After opening the presents from Father Christmas, we settled down to eat a hearty breakfast. I'd even been to the butchers' and bought proper sausages and bacon for Mr. TheBoyandMe. We wolfed it down, and then all finished opening our presents from each other. I was rather chuffed to discover Mr. TBAM has bought me a voucher from Photobox so I can make a 365 photobook! He also generously gave me a digital photoframe (as I've wanted one for years) and, this is the best bit, a waffle-maker! (I'd harped on two months ago about one but he seriously vetoed it, little did I know what he was planning!). I bought him an electric razor, the usual Private Eye annual, lots of other bits and pieces and a new digital camera (his had broken a few months ago). We normally set a £50 limit, but I suspect we both blew it quite seriously!

The Boy had great fun opening the rest of his toys and hasn't stopped playing with them ever since!

We had a rather scrummy lunch of: deep fried brie for starters; four-bird roast/asparagus & craberry risotto filo parcel, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, mashed swede and sweet potato, brussel sprouts, roasted carrots and parsnips, creamed spinach; followed by christmas pudding two hours later.

Presents from Nana and Grandad followed, a little kip for The Boy, the Queen's Speech, a kip for Grandad, dishwasher loaded, cheese and biscuits on table, groaning bellies, bed for The Boy, more washing up, television, playing with 'toys' and finally bed.

The look on our little boy's face at every moment throughout the day was magical. It has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Christmas ever!

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  1. says

    Burton watched the video with me and said "thats ****!!" bless him !
    such a cute post and i love hearing about other peoples christmas experiences and memories so not boring to me. i am just sad its all over 🙁
    so glad you all had a merry christmas xx

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