ShowOff ShowCase: The One About Christmas

You can never predict how posts are going to be received by readers. You can spend hours slaving over a post and it receives one reader and no comments, or you can spend five minutes typing on up while sat up at 3am nursing your poorly baby and then the little line on the site statistics chart explodes stellar-ward! While it might have caused a chuckle typing it up using a smartphone application in the middle of the night sat in an uncomfortable Ikea bucket chair, surely it wasn't that funny?

This all got me thinking about posts. Which are the most popular? Which died a death? Which shouldn't have been written? I want to know your posts, and so I bring you ShowOff ShowCase.

Due to the fact that tomorrow is Christmas Day (really? You don't say?!), the theme this week is:

The One About Christmas

Link up your posts, new or old, about your festivities or preparations and share the blog love.

Don't forget to add the badge to the bottom of the post so people can revisit the linky easily, and please take the time to visit some of the blogs linked (or it doesn't really work very well!)

ShowOff ShowCase

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