Christmas Starts Here

It's Christmas Eve and we've settled down for our 'new' tradition. A few years ago, someone said in front of me that you can't make a tradition, they just happen. I disagree! Somewhere along the line a thought occurs that this would be a nice thing to do each year, and so this is where they can start.

And so we have started one.

The Boy and I made our Christmas cupcakes.

During his nap, I made our gingerbread house and decorated it. In the future, he will help me.

We've been tracking Father Christmas on the Norad website all day.

We've finished some last minute decorations.

Now, we've settled down in the living room with a picnic on our laps, to watch the best children's Christmas film of them all! Polar Express is a must see at this time of year, and I defy anyone not to be filled with the Christmas spirit watching it. It's been digitally remastered (and in 3D no less) and is a modern classic!

Once this has finished, we'll be hanging our stocking on the mantelpiece for Father Christmas to fill and leaving him a mince pie, glass of milk and a carrot (for Rudolph) on the fire-guard.

Once The Boy has gone to bed, then I will be wrapping his presents, filling his Christmas sack and placing it under the Christmas tree. While I'm doing this I'll be watching 'The Most Wonderful Time of The Year' and consuming a sneaky glass of Baileys or two. I'd normally be watching 'Love, Actually' but I did that last Saturday.

What's your Christmas Eve tradition?

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  1. says

    Our tradition is fresh sheets on the bed, a bath and new PJ's. Then we spinkle glitter on the lawn to show the reindeer where to land, and then some food for them. mince pie and a glass of wine Santa.

    Hope you have a great Christmas. C x

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