Dear So And So…

Dear Mum,

I wish you hadn't ignored the pains in your breast that you've been having for the past few months. You know you should have gone to the doctor before now, especially bearing in mind our family history. I wish you'd told me rather than keeping this all bottled up inside for this time.


Your petalpot.

Dear NHS,

It is not good enough that the first date you can offer my mother a mammogram is 23rd January 2012. She has already waited a month for a doctor's appointment having mustered up the courage. You suck!


An unimpressed tax and National Insurance payer.

Dear medical person who operates the mammogram machine,

Please be gentle and discover that there's nothing the matter with her.


A worried child.

Dear Lump in my Mum's Boob,

Sod off and leave her alone please!


Her angry daughter.

Dear Me,

Don't be so angry with your mum about this. She is an incredibly busy woman and was most likely scared stiff to discover the pains and then the lump, especially losing both her parents, and all other relatives, to Cancer. Get a grip and be supportive instead, she needs you.

Love from

Your rational self.

Apologies for the sombre tone on my first ever 'Dear So and So…'

Dear So and So...

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  1. Bessytweets says

    Oh no… So sorry to hear you'll have this to worry about over Christmas. I'll say a wee prayer for your mum & hope that everything is ok x

  2. says

    Oh goodness. I strongly hope the lump is nothing. I also hope there's a cancellation and she can get seen sooner.
    Really "enjoyed" (not sure that's the most appropriate word) this post.
    Big hug for you all.

  3. says

    oh no, your poor Mum to have that worry over Christmas. One of my good friends Mum has just been told that she has Cancer and now has to wait until 28th December to find out how far it has spread….we will be spending Boxing Day with them. Last Boxing Day at our house she said it was her best Boxing Day EVER so this year I hope we can improve on that.
    Try & be positive for your Mum & enjoy Christmas

  4. me_plus2 says

    Sorry to hear this, I hope that everything will be ok for your mum.. and that you can all enjoy Christmas.. sending hugs! x

  5. Katie Bailey says

    Goodness, do not apologise for this, I'm so sorry that it's something you all have to deal with, particularly over Christmas :0( I will have everything possible crossed that its all nothing xxx

  6. Alli Marshall says

    So sorry to hear about your Mum, I know it is extremely hard but try & remain positive.

    I'm always around if you need to talk.

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