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This week's theme is quite simple:

My awesome photo

I'm late to The Gallery this week because I've been cogitating on the theme. I've got lots of photos that I really love and so picking one is really hard. However, as I opened up a browser this morning, one image caught me eye:

Visitors to my blog will recognise this as my header image, The Boy sat on a shingle beach playing with some pebbles. It was taken by me last year on holiday in Dorset and is one of my favourite pictures of him. I love the way that he stands out against the neutral tones of the shingle and the big pile of stones in front of him. I want to stroke his hair in the photo and I love the way that he is knelt down in the way that toddlers do, with his little Doodles: his first pair of shoes. And yes, I loved those dungarees as well!

It was our first holiday with The Boy, we had gone to Dorset with my parents for a week's holiday staying in a cottage on the coastline of Lyme Bay. It was a fab holiday and we had a great time in one of my favourite places in the world. The beach was a two hundred yard walk along the coast and down through the sand-dunes amongst sea cabbages and abandoned bonfires.

What you can't see in that photo though is that he's sat at the start of the 26 mile Chesil Beach, and far away in the background is Portland Bill with the most amazing storm brewing. Here's the photo in all its glory:

What do you think?

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  1. says

    I love it, of course! I've always liked this pic of your lovely little boy. Great shot in the first instance – lots of atmoshphere! But because he's so cute and this is a great shot of him as a little explorer.

  2. Jennie @ Edspire says

    I love this photo. It is your blog identity but also the ful picture tells much more of story of you and your boy and what is important to you. I love it and think it would make a stunning canvas. Where would you put it?

  3. says

    Really is a gorgeous picture. I love how the Boy is just sitting playing with the peebles, completely unaware that there seems to be a storm brewing just above him!

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