The Real World Is Inadequate

Right so in I traipsed to the capital city of Wales with its plethora of shops. I found a parking space really easily and we were in our first shop within twenty minutes of leaving home. Shopping in Cardiff at Christmas had never been so easy!

But the first shop didn't have what I wanted. And bearing in mind this was Waterstones and a fairly popular title, I wasn't impressed. They wouldn't have any back in until January.

The next few shops were entered with the soul aim of trying to find a nice top for Saturday night (Tots 100 Christmas Party) and I failed.

The following shop was Next in an effort to buy some Christmas tops, new trousers and a pair of boots for The Boy.

So having struggled down twenty steps to one of the only places that has food suitable for children (not every restaurant has to be sushi or fast food trash you know town-planners) and then had a kindly assistant help me back up, frozen our little fingers, toes and bottoms off (mine not so little), and become generally hacked off with trying to find a toilet suitable to use with The Boy, we came home.

And this is why I am now sat on the sofa with Amazon, Next and Simply Be open in separate tabs, with the television on, central heating and a cherry liquor chocolate warming the cockles of my heart and stomach! Because shopping in real-life shops sucks and the Internet is as popular as it is for a reason!

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  1. says

    So true. I hate real life shopping.
    Much prefer internet shopping, even if it means I have to trek into town to return an item (which I normally get my mum to do as she lives near town)

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