A Girl's Best Friend?

Earlier in school I was told off by a colleague and friend. She had glanced down at my hand and was worried to see my engagement ring missing. Don't worry, my wedding ring was still there but the sparkly number was absent.I explained to her that I don't wear it every day, and that's been the case since having The Boy. Initially it was because I didn't want to catch him with it, but after a few nappy changes I realised it because I didn't want to spend forever cleaning it of bodily fluids!

The friend reprimanded me and told me I should wear it because it's a beautiful ring and she's right, it is. It's not a rock, it's not a cluster, it is a simple solitaire. A ¼ carat diamond solitaire engagement ring purchased on 21st July 2001 following a (fairly) romantic proposal the night before on Barry Island beach. Now before you have Gavin and Stacey visions, let me set the scene: late evening, waves rolling gently on the sand, moonlight shining down, and best of all, the funfair was closed! For a 23 year old, it was romantic.

The next day, after he'd shocked my parents by asking their permission, we headed into town to pick a sparkler. Little did I know that you tend to have to order engagement rings; I thought the shop would stock all the different sizes. More fool me! After looking through a few trays, then going back and forwards to the window display a few more times, I finally found the 'me' ring: a rubbed-over, emerald-cut, square solitaire diamond ring in a white-gold band. And the best bit? I was the same size as the rings they kept in stock for the examples so I did walk out with a beauty on my left hand!

It's not the only piece of diamond jewellery that I'm lucky enough to own. Over the years we've been together, Mr. TheBoyandMe has been kind enough to bestow a solitaire diamond necklace on me, and a 1920s style pendant with little diamonds inlaid. Both of them are so pretty, but again since The Boy I haven't worn my pretty jewellery. Well I think it's time to crack out the sparkly stuff and the forthcoming Tots100 Christmas Party is a good excuse!

And one day, I will own one of these, the perfect and ultimate diamond necklace:

This is a sponsored post. However, I do want that necklace and maybe if I write enough of these…

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  1. @SAHDandproud says

    Well, they are a girl's best friend. Dr B is building up a rather impressive collection of the sparkly stuff, which our daughter is taking a liking to. I liken them both to magpies… 😉

  2. says

    I could have written this post, lol. I'm sure lots of Mums could.
    HonieDaddy has been kind enough to spoil me on special occasions (my Birthday mainly) with a 'sparkly' things 😮
    The thing is, like you, I don't get to wear them that often. But lately, I have taken a few more minutes to put some of them on before 'going shopping' and other important events in my day lol

    They most definitely will be coming out for our girls Christmas Night Out next week.

    We should have a 'Sparkly Mummy Day' to encourage the diamonds in us to shine!

    That is, btw, a stunning necklace – yes please!

  3. says

    That proposal sounds lovely. We got "engaged" at a similar age and we had both just starting to make it in the real world and so the simple ring I got was just lovely and perfect. He later asked me to marry him over msn. So romantic 🙂

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