Tuesday 29th November 2011 – 'Gone' (332/365)

That's it, the last one gone.

And it makes me really sad. It's been in the cupboard unused for the past month or two, ever since the last sickness bout. He was only having two ounces at bedtime anyway and the intention was to switch to a tippy-cup but then we had to withdraw dairy from his diet for a week and never went back to giving him milk at bedtime. 

I said toMr. TheBoyandMe that I wished I'd been able to video him having his milk one last time because the look on his face was such a delight; he really enjoyed his bottles and the little baby grunts as he guzzled were gorgeous. Today after he woke up he called for milk over the monitor. I thought, 'this is an opportunity for one last time'. He took one look at the bottle and asked whose it was, was it a baby bottle. And then… he couldn't suck the milk out, he'd lost the technique. I tranferred it to a tippy cup and binned the bottle.

Bye-bye babyhood!

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  1. says

    Oh my……. we still have 6 bottles, and still use the steriliser :-0

    He has sometimes 3 sometimes 4 bottles a day.

    It is sad.

    I was very sad when we stopped breastfeeding. Each stage is the end of them being a baby – makes me broody

    Liska x

  2. says

    It's weird because I've never seen it as being sad, I've always seen it as a triumph – an end to all that tedious scrubbing of teats .
    Don't be sad, he's a big boy now

  3. Alli Marshall says

    Ah bless him, it makes me sad & happy to watch my little one grow.
    I will be filming him having a bottle this week so I have a record of it 🙂

  4. says

    You were brave giving it back to him! But I understand your sadness, I don't know if you remember but I had huge problems getting Leo off bottles and it was really getting to me (in the same way that potty training will do soon I imagine!) In the end I cut the teat off so it came out too fast and said it was broken, the look of his face as he realised was heartbreaking and he asked for the bottles every day for a week.

    I felt awful, so sad for him, hubby couldn't understand and said its just a bottle what;s the problem. but all I could think is that I'd taken away the only thing he'd had EVERY day of his life. It would have been a nightmare if he'd got hold of one later!

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