ShowOff ShowCase: The One That Did Do Better (But I Wasn't Expecting It)

Regulars to my blog, and to this ShowCase will know that once a month I have the theme of: The One That Should Have Done Better providing another opportunity for those unloved posts to have a little more attention and possibly widen the readership.

After the last SOSC, I was asked by @The_Moiderer if I could do the opposite theme at the next opportunity; not 'The Most Popular Post' but an opportunity to highlight a blog-post which is consistently read or soared on the stats chart but was never intended to be a ratings winner. And because she's one of my favourite bloggers, and one of the first people I started following on twitter (60,000 tweets ago) I am unable to refuse her!

Finding a post for this link-up has proven difficult. People have different reasons for blogging: while some use it purely as a resource and a diary for themselves, others use it to communicate with the wider world. I'm one of those who thinks that the minute you press publish then you are sharing it with anyone and everyone to see, and therefore it is done with the intent of being read. However, there are some posts that I accept might not have as many readers as other posts: my 365 photo-journal hardly gets any attention for example.

I've got one post which sits head and shoulders above the rest. Unfortunately it's a competition and I don't allow competitions to be linked up. I will tell you though that it was a review and competition of NIP+FAB Frown Fix and has had 1000 more views than any other post on my blog, and has at least one hit a day. Sometimes if it's in the news I get a spike of 100 views that day. Bizarre.

The post I'm linking up is a mixed-bag. Yes, the initial purpose of it was as a sponsored post for NetMums and it was to write about the Family Friendly Football Festival. However, it was a big family day out for us and we had a really positive experience. In the month since I published it, I've had 200+ views on it. Reviews tend to get a quarter of that over the course of several months. Further to that, because it was a positive review, I am now being followed on twitter by The Football League and my review was retweeted by them to its 45,000 followers!

So which is the one that you weren't expecting? Which is the one that was actually written just as a rambling aside to yourself but everyone was fascinated in? Link it up below and see if you can get an insight into the workings of your readers minds.

ShowOff ShowCase is only successful when people read and comment on each others' blogs. Please take five minutes to show some love for the link-ups.

Please add the badge to the end of your post so people can easily return here to read the others.

ShowOff ShowCase

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  1. Debbie says

    Thats an easy one for me! Two weeks ago, out of the blue, one of my blog posts was picked up by the Sunday Times and I have had a two week national media frenzy as a result of it. its not my main blog theme at all, and some of the papers have omitted to report that i even write a blog (grrr), but hey, all publicity is good publicity (I think)

  2. says

    I can't for the life of me work out why this post gets views. It's viewed at least once a day since I posted it. It is not deep and meaningful or funny. It's not even a particularly good rant. But every day at least one person looks at it. Go figure? Any insight would be appreciated!

  3. Jenny Paulin says

    Mine was just a post about my boys and my opinion onnthe age gap between them and it got a huge response – don't often get that unless a linky post like the gallery or a competition!
    Ps. 4500 hits!? That's amazing

  4. says

    I wrote the Blogging Charter because I was tagged in a meme and couldn't be bothered to take it seriously. I almost deleted it after the first two repsonses on twitter asked if I was offended or angry. After that it took off and is now my my number two post. (Irritatingly my nimber 1 post is a guest post, Grrrr)

  5. Katie Bailey says

    That was a great post, I love the pics of the boy and Alex. Fab idea of @the_moiderer too :0) I'm off to read all the other linkups now xxx

  6. says

    What a fantastic idea. My choice was my first non-related music post. I was in two minds about moving away from a music blog related theme but I'm so glad I did as this has been my most read blog post yet!

  7. says

    this is sooo intresting, I get rather alot of hits from google these days, all to reviews I get about 50 google hits a day, but they are spread around several posts… at the moment transformers and nerf guns seem to be bringing the most traffic

    one post which isn't really a review which gets lots is one on childhood common virus which consistantly gets about 10 hits aday and one which got simply loads of hits in a matter of moments was the one about the mercedes comp, but now that only brings in a couple of hits every month..

  8. says

    On 7th September I did a really quick post about a bargain Filofax I found in TK Maxx. Well it turns out that lots and lots of people are interested in all things Filofax and a tenth of all visits to my blog have been visits to this particular post. This is partly due to the Philofaxy website including the post in one of their roundups.

  9. says

    Well I can believe that about the Nip & Fab (great prize missus) and it really is very lovely to use. I'm stroking my cheeks now (and no, I'm not a weirdo).

    Mine is the god damn pumpkin pie and it irritates me – I couldn't understand why it was still getting hits after Halloween and then dawned on me 'derr, Thanksgiving missus". I'm not getting hits into the 1000's like you superstar bloggers, but it still gets hit on 'every' day. I should be grateful, lol and I DO like pumpkin pie 😮

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