The Boy Reads…

I'm sure that this is the same as with most toddlers, but when The Boy develops a liking for a book, then it is read over and over again. Tonight (as one of my working days) was my turn for the bedtime routine and I was pleasantly suprised to see that Mr. TheBoyandMe and The Boy have been practising a little pre-reading skills:

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  1. says

    That has brought a tear to my eye. He's fantastic. My youngest is four and he can't read – or even speak – anywhere near that standard. But I have a question: How come he isn't talking in a Yakky Da accent? Nor you, for that matter 🙂

  2. Twopointfourchildren says

    Fantastic K is just starting to read now at five but buster loves to memorise books!
    That is so cute xx

  3. says

    We read the same books over and over but, for us, it's mainly because he's young and would rather stare at his reflection (or chuck it!). I can't wait till he can read like The Boy. That video is sooo cute!!

  4. says

    What a very clever boy you have there. I'm sure he will be reading by himself so soon! I love the pleasure that Bud gets from books and am so looking forward until he is 'reading' to me.

  5. says

    I love monkey pointing to the words. Brilliant skills. He's got the right direction to scan the text as well, definitely on his way to being a fully fledged reader. Brilliant.


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