Review: Digital Scales Measuring Jug

I've been doing a fair amount of cooking with The Boy over the past few months, and my trusty digital scales have never failed me. My measuring jug on the other hand is a joke because all the markings have rubbed off it. I have a metal one, but it only has millilitres marked in 100s and pints on it, so for more precise measurements or fluid ounces it's a pain!

Killing two birds with one attractive and trendy green stone is this Digital Scales Measuring Jug by Maxim.

On one side of the jug is a scale in cups, the other side has millilitres and fluid ounces. However, in addition to this, the base has a digital scale built into it which can measure in grams and ounces.

But here's the nifty bit, you can select your ingredient from one of five presets to calculate its weight or volume. For example, the scale on the side in millilitres shows markers in 50ml. However if you needed 320ml of water you could be left guessing. By using this scale, if you press the button to get to the water marker it can measure it accurately. Likewise for milk and oil (based on their differing densitities: oil = 0.9kg/l, milk = 1.03kg/l, water = 1kg/l). It can also calculate the weight of flour and sugar using the same technique but showing the weight (in either grams or ounces) not the volume.

Another great thing about this is that the 'tare' setting (reset) button can be used with additional ingredients. Weighing out your mixed dry ingredients can be super-easy: measure the flour, press the reset button and measure the sugar, press reset and measure the spices, etc.

I used this earlier with The Boy when making our Gruffalo cookies and it was incredibly easy. I will confess to double-checking the first two ingredients' measuements against my normal scales and they showed exactly the same reading.

This digital measuring jug is going to make life a lot easier over Christmas!

I was sent this for the purpose of this review. My opinion is unbiased and honest.

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  1. says

    I like that nifty idea of being able to measure liquids accurately – as for weighing I always weigh in the bowl I'm mixing in..saves on washing up!

  2. Katie Bailey says

    I want, I want, I want!! How easy would that make baking? And there's the added bonus of less washing up! I love it :0)

  3. says

    yes I took have a trusty ( not very old jug less than 3 months) from which the markings have rubber off. I also have a set of scales that have the tare button but the battery is lose and they do not always work, and they are quite small so difficult to use….then there are my normal scales which as you say are not accurate and are the best part of 20 yr old and looking it. Will need to point Santa in this direction I think with the amount of baking we do. Thanks for bringing to my attention

  4. Tom says

    Hi, I've got this jug for years now. It's a really handy and faithful machine without any problem. Well, there is one little annoying thing. I've lost the instructions and I can't manage to reset the scale to zero. If anyone could let me know how to do that I would really appreciate that!

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