Websites I Visit The Most

The jovial Jenny from Mummy Mishaps has tagged me in a meme started by excellent Emma from Mummy Musings showing the websites that I can't live without.

It's quite apt for me because the second that the laptop has finished firing up, the second Firefox has loaded I'm opening up new tabs; one for each of the following and in this order:

  • Gmail

The e-mails at the moment are bananas. Obviously I run a fair amount of competitions and so I get a lot of e-mails from entries, alongside the lovely comments on my original content posts. In addition to the notifications for blogs that I read, are the review requests. And at the moment there's a fair amount. I am inordinately fortunate to be receiving them but reading through take a little time.

  • Twitter

At the time of writing this, 58,999 tweets show that I'm an addict. Nearly 60,000 tweets in a year. God, I talk a lot of crap. Now, is the time to disagree with me and say that every one of my 140 character statements are profound and worthwhile. Come on, 1,807 of you follow me so it can't all be crap?

Can it?

  • TheBoyandMe

Of course, it should probably be first but hey-ho! Approving comments and writing posts. Do I need to explain anything else about it?

  • Facebook

Why? Why do I still bother with it? It's a pile of pants nowadays, but I'm a bit rubbish at letting things go. Besides, the TRU discussion group is a fab little community and I'm addicted to playing Words With Friends with Carole and Kate.

  • Picnik

It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best photo editing facility that I've come across. I've subscribed to the premium functions and I use it daily. Love it!

And so I tag:

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  1. says

    Our lists are quite similar…I almost added photobucket but thought I'd mentioned quite a few already!
    Another tag for Fiona, she will be pleased!

  2. jenny paulin says

    thanks for joining in 🙂
    you have tweeted more than twice the amount of tweets that I have !!! you tweet a lot!!
    love from me the jovial one x

  3. says

    Thank you for tagging me. Like you I open the same sites up daily, many of them similar to you. At 10,000 tweets I am a twitter light weight next to you, yet I feel I am tweeting in every spare moment *addict in the making* I have heard good things about Picnic so must give it a go. Thanks for sharing your sites with us.

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