TRU Review: Fast Wheels RC

My initial reaction for the Fast Wheels RC was positive. Then I started to undo the packaging which was a nightmare in itself and my opinion was tainted. There is no need for the packaging to be that difficult to remove from a toy, especially one aimed at six year olds and over who might be attempting to free their 'snazzy' car from its confines.

I'm not one to stick to age limits on toys, which is why this morning The Boy has been playing with a toy aimed at nine month olds, alternated with the iPod Touch. I genuinely thought he could have handled this; push the levers and the car moves. However, when I saw my 36 year old husband having difficulties getting to grips with it, I decided against letting The Boy play with it. Instead I gave it to my nearly six year old nephew.

It's a tricky car to navigate. Usually on remote-control cars, there are two joysticks to control forward/backward and left/right. The Fast Wheels RC has two joysticks which each control one of the wheels and go forward/backward only. Therefore to get the extremely plasticky car to move forward, you have to move both levers forward. If you want it to turn, then one gets pushed forward more than the other. It's difficult to figure out.

Generally the quality of the product does not justify the pricetag of £19.99. I would have hoped for a metal die-cast car at least for that price, and certainly a better manufactured remote-control. If you have a limited budget and spend half of it on this toy, you'll have wasted your money. I personally think this looks and handles like something that you'd buy from a market-stall. I'm not impressed, but then I'm not a six year old little boy.

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We were provided this free of charge to review. My opinion is, as always, honest.

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