The Gallery: The Letter T

This week's theme is: The Letter T.

Oooo, toughie!
It can be a 'thing' (tomatoes, tent, tarantula, tongue), a person, a feeling, a place, a time.
It's time to get those little grey cells flexing again!

Of course, the obvious one is the drink (but I don't like it), or my favourite 'tea' (as in dinner). However, having had three and a half seconds sleep last night due to a vomiting child, my imagination and inspiration has buggered off and left me floundering.

I wandered around the kitchen looking for ideas. Why doesn't Cadbury's Dairy Milk have a 't' in it? Or Haagen-Daaz Vanilla ice-cream. It's a conspiracy I tell you. I was just beginning to give up hope when a cheeky little swirl caught my eye.

Ah old faithful, you never let me down.

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  1. jenny paulin says

    mmmm i used to drink tia maria with coke and lime cordial – tasted like chocolate limes and was yummy!! this was when i was about 18 mind.
    great lighting on the lettering btw x

  2. Mummywalker says

    *feels queasy* That just reminds me of a Bar FTSE night at Uni. Tia Maria and coke was the cheapest drink all night at 50p. I was rather ill. Still can't drink it or smell it. Self inflicted I know!

  3. says

    rofl 3 and a half seconds sleep!
    Now what drink are we talking about that you don't like? It must be tea right? Tia Maria is waaay better than tea. Especially after three and a half seconds of sleep ;))

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