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That Sticky-Fingered minx Tara has done it again! Yet another theme to fox and baffle me:

I adore some of the portrait shots on there (Pinterest) – kids, grandparents, families, friends, strangers. People whose faces are steeped in history or children whose faces show potential and a lifetime ahead of them.

So this week's theme is simply:Β Faces.

And the reason it baffled me is because my photos for 'Inspiration' were photos of The Boy's face, grrr!

So for most of the day I've struggled, I've seen a few posts here and there and thought "oh, I wish I'd come up with that take!"and in all honesty I've been gutted that I couldn't think of some photos to use. I post so many every week with my 365 project that any I could use would have been seen before.

However, I've just been synching the iPod and came across some classics from my treasure pot. The Boy is rather fond of the front-facing lens on the camera function, and this is what I'll often find on there if he's been left alone with it:

It always makes me chuckle to look through the camera roll and see 4o-odd shots nearly all the same but with a changing facial expression, normally him laughing as he's realising what he's doing!

So I asked him to pull some different faces for me, and this is the result:

Which expressions do you think he's pretending to show?

Pop over to The Gallery and check out the other entries by pressing this widgetty doo-dah thingymajig:

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  1. says

    Love the bottom middle shot – Kenneth Williams impression!!

    I like finding surprise photos on my camera too although I don't think DD does any of her face, usually of the telly!

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Thank you so much for making me your 'here' πŸ™‚
    I think your post is just perfect becuase your boy has the cutest face (after my boys of course!! ) and I love how the first section have been taken by him sooo funny!!
    He is pulling some super expressions in the bottom section of photos including (in no order) surprise, peek a boo, angry, smiley cute, attitude face??
    Gorgeous post
    Ps. Please do a post similar to my gallery one I would love to see it xx

  3. says

    I love those. Its brilliant to catch moments in time like that. I love flicking through my camera phone and seeing all the funny photo's, especially the ones they take of themselves.

    The Boy is adorable. xx

  4. says

    That's brilliant! I love these pics – he has such an expressive face and is gorgeous to boot. I'm thinking, number 6, pained tolerance ('That's enough, mummy, had enough!!') πŸ˜€


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