Monday 24th October 2011 – 'Parking Attendant' (296/365)

The Boy has really started to get to grips with imaginative play lately. Today he was filling the cars up and using different voices for the characters talking to each other.

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  1. says

    Jack has recently started doing that loads too – it's great when they start doing that isn't it – except I keep thinking he's talking to me!

  2. says

    I love it when they do that, Leo's thing is Thomas at the moment and it's really improving his imaginative play because there are so many different stories to muddle together!

  3. mammywoo says

    We have this garage and addy loves it. He is so imaginative your boy. Addison isnt quite there yet, all he tries to do once he gets bored with neooooooooorrrrrr ing his cars down is climb on top of it!

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