Sunday 23rd October 2011

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  1. Jenny paulin says

    High fiVe Alex and the boy 🙂 how lovely and i bet he was as friendly in the flesh in real life as he is on twitter!! What a fab photo i bet the boy was well chuffed 🙂 (and mummy of course ) x

  2. Notmyyearoff says

    Aww how lovely!! Alex seems really genuinely nice (not just celebrity nice, if you know what I mean!) Hppe The Boy loved it!

  3. @SAHDandproud says

    Class. Love it. My son loves a good high five too. Taught to him by a 75 year old old man in a supermarket in Hawaii.

  4. says

    Ooh is this someone famous? It can't be the boys dad as you don't normally put photos up, so I'm guessing someone famous! But not that famous cause I don't know who! Lol! X

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