A Tale of Two Wizards

There once was a little boy who lived in a nice house with his mummy and daddy. Although the staircase had lots of space underneath it, and he was very curious as to the space and what was hidden in there*, he didn't live under the stairs. Unlike another little boy who did have to occupy such a space, he had his own bedroom.

However, he did have quite a vivid imagination and started to dream of magical things, like wizards and witches and riding around on his special broomstick for sweeping the kitchen. Unlike the other little boy, for him these were only a dream. The other little boy was destined to be a great wizard who would be really good at flying on a broomstick, regardless of whether it was meant for cleaning up the lunchtime crumbs or for chasing a ball around the sky.

Although for one it was a reality, and for the other it was fiction, they both had a dream of wearing fancy wizards' robes. While one of these boys would buy these wizarding robes from Madam Malkin using golden coins, the other had a beautiful parcel arrive one day. He opened the parcel and found inside a garment lovingly wrapped in embossed tissue paper. Carefully removing the seal, he then ripped open said tissue paper (in the style that only a two year old can manage) and discovered the most gorgeous and sumptious velveteen wizarding robes in a plush purple. The robes were embellished with magical symbols and the collar and cuffs were a mystical silver fabric, and it fastened at the front with a single button. Rushing to put it on, with the help of his mummy, he placed the wizard's hat upon his head!

One of the two boys may have had more magical powers, but The Boy knew which one looked the best!

As he practised performing spells upon everything in sight, including his mummy (needs to perfect the slimming spell) and the dirty dishes, one rebounded off the chutney cooking on the stove and knocked him onto his little bottom. Blinking, he tried to clamber to his feet but found he could only hop!

Hopping around the hallway, his mummy was quite intrigued to discover that the little boy that she'd always called 'a jumping frog' had indeed fulfilled that prophecy. His skin had become a rich green with lighter spots, and his ticklish tummy was now golden yellow, making it much easier to tickle. Looking at him with his new attire, she soon realised that he was destined to become 'The Boy Who Hopped'.

The Boy was sent these costumes for review purposes from PartyKids. While the story is fiction, my opinion (that they are absolutely gorgeous and extremely well-designed and made children's costumes) is not.

*His Christmas presents.

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  1. says

    When he masters the slimming spell are you going to whore him off around the country/world making your millions? Or just be more pleasant and lend him to your friends (for a 'small' fee of course)

    Seriously though, it always amazes me how much more my son likes dressing up than my daughter. I think the general perception is that 'dressing up' is something that girls do…


  2. says

    He looks adorable in both costumes! If it weren't so hot here, I'd dress V up in something like that!
    I've seen kids that when come to school in costume (most of the girls are Disney princesses), the quality of the material used isn't great – and they look extremely uncomfortable. But these two look fab!

  3. jenny paulin says

    i love how you have composed this post – its really rather lovely. although not as lovely as that boy of yours in those outfit!! so darn cute x

  4. KatieB says

    What a fab post, I love how you've written it!! And that wizard costume is just adorable :0) as is the boy, but that goes without saying x

  5. Alli Marshall says

    I would love a wizarding robe – it sounds beautiful & purple is my favourite colour.
    I have to say my 3 older kids used to love dressing up but sadly they have grown out of this pastime now, but there is always Youngest Son & I can't wait to see him in all his costumes!

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