TRU Review: Rainbow Scraper Fun

When I was a child I used to love those scratchy pictures. You know the ones, they were all the rage at the time: a black board and you scratch off the coating to reveal a copper or silver base making a pretty picture. They had a scraper in the shape of an old-style fountain pen with a metal nib. If you were a klutz like me, then you may have cut yourself on it.

However, twenty years later, they've been improved and are far more user-friendly, mainly because they've got a plastic scraper now which is far more safe. We received some Rainbow Scraper Fun sets to review from Toys R Us, and quite frankly while The Boy was busy with his Sing-a-ma-jigs, I got busy making a pretty picture!

What do you think so far? I haven't finished of course, the rest of the silver areas need scratching off.

The Reeves Rainbow Scraper Fun setscome with a practise board and a picture to uncover, along with the safe scraper (no accidents for me this time!). It really is as simple as it seems and does what it says on the packet. The colours are vibrant and pretty, although possibly a little random. For example the rainbow effect looks brilliant for the parrot but odd for the cloud. But then I'm 34 and not 6 or 7!

The kits are aimed at 4yrs+, and I'll be honest that I think this is too young. I can't honestly see a child younger than 6 years being able to manage to scrape the foil covering off. It requires quite precise movements, and even I (with my tender years) managed to veer off the track.

Generally a great buy for a little girl, especially at Christmas. It would definitely make a change from the chaos to sit down and enjoy this for an hour or two.

For more reviews by the Toys R Us Toyologists, click on the image below.

We were provided this free of charge to review. My opinion is, as always, honest.

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  1. says

    I bought my niece a fridge magnet version of this recently and she struggled with it a little. She is 10! Not sure if it was the same make though. She thought it was excellent fun and was really impressed with her magnets.

  2. says

    Hanna would love these, but I have to agree that the age limit should be higher, she had a similar one last year & got really frustrated with it & made a mess of it!

  3. Alli Marshall says

    I have bought similar versions to these for my kids on numerous occassions & we are yet to finish one as the kids invariably run out of patience!
    I actually think they are very therapeutic & therefore possibly off better use for a Mum (or Dad) that requires a relaxing activity.


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