Review: Little Dish – Chicken & Two Veg Pasta

I'm mentioned several times that I am a fussy mummy when it comes to what I let The Boy eat. I try and cooke fresh foods for The Boy, but as a part-time working mum it's hard to do that all the time. We've also recently changed when The Boy has his main meal; he now has it lunch-time. My mum looks after him three lunchtimes a week, and I can't expect her to cook from fresh everytime for him. Therefore when I do my shop, I tend to pop a couple of toddler meals into the shopping trolley.

One of the brands that I trust is Little Dish. I've reviewed one of their new meals before, and it actually prompted me to start using them more regularly. The lovely Charlotte at Little Dish recently contacted me and asked me if The Boy would like to try their new recipe: Chicken and Two Veg Pasta.

I was quite eager as I have problems getting The Boy to eat chicken. This pasta dish is mixed with carrots and broccoli in a scrummy cheese sauce. Well, that's a guaranteed success straight away because he adores carrots and cheese sauce. The chicken was in small, diced pieces and was very tender. He absolutely wolfed it down.

Little Dish Chicken and Two Veg Pasta is available from Tesco stores nationwide now.

I was sent a Little Dish meal in order to review. They also sent a little cuddly cow for The Boy, which was nice! His opinion is unbiased and honest because he's two years old.

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