Friday Funny

Both of these come from bath and bedtime last night.

We were both giving The Boy his bath, and he was merrily playing with his toys while I was telling Mr. TheBoyandMe about a situation at work. When he fell over for the third time, with a mild splash, we looked to see what he was doing. The Boy was performing some extremely energetic yoga position which consisted of him looking at the sole of his foot. We asked him what he was doing. He looked at us quite worriedly and said, "Mummy, daddy, look look! My feets are wrong!"

I looked at his foot and it was fine, apart from extremely waterlogged. Explaining that it was because his feet were wet and that hands and feet went wrinkly in the water, he then checked his other foot and spent the next three minutes trying to keep his feet out of the water complaining because "my feets are all brinkly!"

Once he'd got dried and dressed in his pyjamas, he ran out onto the landing to call down to me for his bedtime drink of milk. I was particularly organised and had already passed it up through the spindles onto the landing. He stopped in his tracks and shouted, "Wowsers!"

He makes me laugh.

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  1. says

    We also comment on brinkly feet and hands every bathtime – only here they're called Kinkly feet. It's so tempting to use these cute mis-words myself when I talk back to DD but I try not to as she is only learning English from me.

  2. KatieB says

    That boy is so gorgeous & funny too! Our feet get 'pinkerley'! It's so hard not to keep using those words cause they sound so damn cute :0)

  3. says


    That spookily brings me onto a question I have been meaning to ask you anyway, so thanks for the mention of the milk.

    How many oz do you give him? Just asking as Aaron is 15 nearly 16 months, and I wondered what volume older boys drink?

    Great post 🙂

    Liska xx

  4. Mum2Four says

    We love crinkly fingers & crinkly toes in our house!
    I remember the older kids discovering this wonder of nature when they were younger.

  5. says

    He is so cute. You will probably still be saying he gets "brinkly" feet when he has children of his own, we still have words that have been passed through the family from when my Mum was a little girl such as "lu-jig" instead of luggage! I think it's lovely to have a few family words! xx

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