Toy Genius: Djeco Lacing Doudous

We've been sent a few items from ToyJeanius recently from the Djeco range. Now the lovely Jean behind the company knows that I am a fan of the toys from this French company, especially their wooden toys, so I was really pleased to receive this set of 'lacing doudous' for The Boy to play with.

Cuddly Lacing Doudous is a fun lacing and threading toy from Djeco. The set includes four chunky wooden animals, four vibrant lacing cords and two funky buttons for children to add to their creations. The cuddly animals are very colourful and are a good size for small children to hold while they learn to thread the laces through the holes. On two of the animals (the rabbit and the bear) there are areas to lace these buttons onto, but this is quite a tricky thing for The Boy to manage at the moment.

I'm very fond of Djeco toys for various reasons; they are FSC certified and are fun whilst being highly educational. These lacing boards are great for developing The Boy's hand to eye co-ordination, and the pincer grip; all pre-writing skills. It also helps to promote problem-solving (like when he doesn't go through the hole from the right side!) and spatial awareness. Most importantly for me though, these six inch figures and fun and attractive. The Boy has great fun analysing which hole to thread through next, and very quickly cottoned onto the need to go through the next hole on the same side that he's just come up through.

This is a lovely, long-lasting toy with beautiful illustrations in a hard-wearing storage box. There are four laces included in the pack, which have long plastic-encased ends which are great for little fingers. Of course, it's an idea to tie a knot in one of the ends, otherwise the board will fall on the floor!

Watch The Boy having a go:


Don't forget that you can get a 10% discount on this, and any other product, from ToyJeanius by entering the code 'TheBoyandMe' at the checkout!

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    Found this a very helpful review. I have considered getting some lace up items for my boy but wasn't sure how he would get on. Thanks for adding the video, it's probably swung my decision to add some to the christmas list. The Boy looks like a very competent lacer!

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